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    Are you tired of “carrying” the baggage? Not literally your carry on bag but those bags underneath your eyes. Lucky for you, those bulging bags can be removed! Not with the use of tea bags but an actual procedure.

    Eye Bag Removal in Singapore is quite common for those people who want to look younger or have a fresher look but sometimes it can also be for people with medical reasons too. Scroll more and let Cambridge Therapeutics give you ideas on what causes those unwanted bags, various kinds of procedures and of course, the costs.

    You’re probably wondering what causes eye bags. To name a few, these are allergies, fluid retention, ageing and lack of sleep. To be more scientific, lower eyelids are composed of skin, fats and muscles. The skin and tissues serve as a protection for the eyes and the latter serves as support. As people start ageing, their lower eyelids start to age as well. Also, the fat deposits that act as a protectionary cushion to the eyes start to herniate. When these fat deposits sag and come forward, eye bags form into place.

    Eye Bag Removal is also known as lower eyelid blepharoplasty. It is a cosmetic procedure that aims to remove fat deposits in the lower eyelid. It can be either an invasive or non-invasive procedure.

    Before and after eye bag removal treatment

    Invasive (surgical)

    A surgical eye bag removal has two different kinds of procedure.

    First is called Subciliary and is done externally.  This is a traditional technique that usually lasts 2 to 3 hours of surgery. An incision is done underneath the lash line which starts from the inner corner of the eyelid and will leave a scar once it is completed.

    The other kind of procedure is called Transconjunctival wherein incision is done on the hidden part of the lower eyelid. This technique removes and repositions fat deposits and leaves no signs of scars. This is suitable for people with mild to moderate eye bags. The whole procedure will usually last an hour.

    Non-invasive (non-surgical)

    This kind of treatment uses radio-frequency needles and is done by doing puncture techniques. These needles are inserted along the bulged area of the lower eyelid and dissolve the fat deposits around that area.

    What are the benefits of getting an Eye Bag removal?

    1. You will look well-rested all the time
    2. Rejuvenated look
    3. Free from dark circles
    4. Firm and tightens saggy skin

    What are the possible risks?

    • Swelling
    • Bruising
    • Bleeding
    • Blurred vision (mild)

    Is there a downtime? Is there a recovery period?

    Yes. It is best not to involve yourself with strenuous activities that will cause stress and exhaustion to your eyes. A time off work or school is advisable.

    Also, both non-invasive and invasive procedures require a recovery period. You’ll need a week or two to fully heal. For non-invasive procedures, the healing time is faster compared to the invasive ones.


    Eye bag removal cost Singapore

    Eye Bag Removal is a bang for the buck and it is not cheap. The prices will depend on what kind of eye bag removal procedure you will get. The surgery prices for this kind of procedure in Singapore will start at around $1,500 and could reach up to $4,000SGD.

    Take note that this cannot be covered by medical insurance since removing eyebags is a cosmetic procedure. It can only be medically necessary if it impairs the vision of a person and limits him from doing things.

    Can I use insurance to cover the expenses?

    Eye Bag Removal surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure and cosmetic procedures are usually not covered by medical insurances. The removal of eye bags is not medically necessary unless it already impairs your vision and hinders you from doing visually related tasks.

    Are there a lot of clinics in Singapore offering this procedure?

    There are a lot of Aesthetics Clinics all over Singapore that offer various kinds of deals and packages. But, it is best if you choose a clinic that has certified aesthetic surgeons for safety reasons. Also, before getting this kind of procedure, please get a consultation first so that the doctor can assess your eyelids first and give the go signal.

    Who is suitable for this procedure?

    People who have problems with their eye bags and those who think that it really affects their everyday life. Both young and old are suitable for this procedure. Just make sure that he or she does not have any medical problems that might worsen after having this procedure.


    You can let go of the flaws especially if you have a budget because procedures like these do not come often cheap. In order for you not to waste any of your budget for aesthetics, it is best to reach out to professionals who are knowledgeable with these kinds of procedures so that you can achieve good results.


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