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    Beauty marks or moles can appear on your face or any part of your body. It can be brown or black, big or small, it can be alone or in groups. Moles can be inborn or it can appear early childhood, so it is normal to have 10-40 moles when you reach adulthood. And as you get older it may change in colour and size.

    Chinese people believe that moles have meanings. Hence, many have practised a lifestyle of choosing whether they keep or have a mole removed depending on its significance. For example, if you have a mole on the top of your head that means lifelong good luck. If it is on your forehead that means average luck and weak relationship on relatives. A mole in the centre of the chin means a stable life and a prosperous family. A mole at the bottom of the chin means fame and glory. And many more… Did that change your decision to have your mole remove? Just kidding! Lol! These might also be the reason why many people undergo mole removal in Singapore. But whatever reason you may have, we are here to help you to know more about mole removal in Singapore.

    Fast Facts

    What causes a mole?

    Woman covers her face, to protect from UV sunlight

    When cells in the skin grow in groups instead of being away from each other, moles are formed. Those cells that produce colour on the skin are called melanocytes. It is commonly oval or circular, it can be flat or raised, rough or smooth and it can even contain hairs. Moles can get darker as you get older especially if always exposed to the sun and during pregnancy.

    Types of Moles

    • Congenital Moles

    These are moles present at birth and commonly called birthmarks. It differs in colour, shape, and size. Larger congenital moles can be a greater risk to become malignant in adulthood so to avoid the risk have it evaluated by the doctor and treat when the child gets older like around 10-12 years of age.

    • Acquired Moles

    These are moles that appear on your skin after birth or known as common moles. It can appear anywhere on your skin. It is usually round or oval, can be raised or flat, rough or smooth, it is small and has one colour. If you have darker skin, your moles may be darker compared to those with fair skin. If you have more than 50 moles, that means you are at risk of having skin cancer. But don’t worry, it is rare for a common to mole to become cancerous.

    • Atypical Moles

    This type of moles often appears on the trunk, as well as on the neck, scalp or head. You can rarely see them on the face. It is pebbled in texture, irregular in shape, larger than a pencil’s eraser, varies in colour and mostly seen in fairly-skinned people.

    Why do new moles appear?

    You might notice that as you grow old more moles are appearing. Here are some reasons why new moles appear:

    • Sun exposure or sunburn
    • Ageing
    • Genetic mutations
    • Effects of taking medications

    How to identify if the mole is cancerous?

    If the mole appears after you turned 25 and it changes in size, colour, and shape, it is most likely to be cancerous. You should have it checked by a skin doctor especially if he moles bleed, itch or becomes painful.

    Safe and Effective Mole removal in Singapore

    Procedure removing mole

    I know you have been waiting for this part, me too! I can’t wait to share it with you! Several clinics in Singapore offer mole removal treatment, but this particular clinic offers a safe and effective mole removal in Singapore. This clinic is no other than 1Aesthetics. It is one of the best clinics in Singapore that you can rely on when it comes to skin treatments. Here are the mole removal treatments offered by 1Aesthetics:

    Ultrapulse CO2 laser mole removal

    Ultrapulse CO2 produces on its high peak energy produces very short laser energy that vaporizes a layer of skin cells. It is very effective for removing big mole form the face and body. It is non-invasive leaving smooth skin compared to traditional surgical techniques.

    Radiofrequency ablation for Mole Removal

    This treatment shaves the mole layer by layer. Insulated needles are used to remove buried moles without damaging the skin’s surface. This is very effective for moles that protrude above the surface of the skin. Local anaesthesia will be used to avoid discomfort during the procedure.

    Surgical Excision

    Moles that are needed to be sent to the laboratory or the ones that are extended through the dermis are needed to go under surgical excision. Don’t worry about the scar, the position of the incision is designed to camouflage the scar. And the wound will be closed using an absorbable suture to produce a pleasing result.

    Dr. Wan’s perspective on mole removal treatment

    According to Dr. Wan of 1Aesthetics, the reason why most patients undergo mole removal is for cosmetic purposes. But not all lumps must be removed especially the ones that are deeper and bigger especially with that hair. It will result in depressed scarring if removed said, Dr. Wan. He also emphasizes that the most important factor is to remove the mole safely and completely with the best aesthetic outcome. That is why pre-procedural analysis and planning is very important. And lastly, he also points out that the technique for the wound is the most critical part, so you need to choose a well-trained doctor.

    Home Remedies

    After reading the available treatments offered by 1Aesthetics, I know you are thinking that it will cost you a lot of money and opt to do a home remedy for mole removal instead. Yes, some home remedies might help remove your mole but then that is already up to you if you want to try it and take the risk.

    You can also buy from pharmacies and online stores mole removal creams or a safe alternative is to hide moles by using concealer and cover them with makeup. But for safety purposes, it is much safer if you consult your skin doctor before doing any mole removal steps to avoid complications in the future.


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