Guide to Lazada Taobao Shopping in Singapore

taobao lazada singapore

Love to shop? Good news! You’re now able to buy from the world’s most vast Ecommerce site, Taobao. This online Chinese mega mall is now available to those of us in Singapore in English, making it so much easier to buy over 400,000 products that were not available before.

Lazada and the Alibaba Group (the owners of Taobao) are responsible for this epic shopping news that will forever change the way we shop. The website links to Taobao so that shoppers in Singapore can directly access the Taobao products they want.

Thanks to Lazada, you’ll have access to Taobao’s electronics, home products, clothing, and so much more. And if you need more reasons to click and shop, check it out:

1. You can buy more things

On this site, you can shop from 5 million products, but that’s not all. Over 400,000 items that were not available before are being added to it specifically for Singapore.

2. No need to translate

Since Taobao is basically all in Mandarin, Singaporeans whose Mandarin skills aren’t up to muster can breathe a sigh of relief. No more using an agent to help, and no more guilt for slacking off on those Chinese lessons.

3. Fixed shipping rates

Nothing is worse than finding something you love, adding it to your cart, and then going to checkout to find that the shipping costs more than the item you were going to purchase. With this site, a fixed shipping rate of just $2.99 will be applied per order which is a much sweeter deal.

4. No more fakes

It’s true that you’ll find a lot of designer imposters on Taobao. But through Lazada, there are stringent controls over the authenticity of the items sold. Lazada will not tolerate fakes and has a strict protocol to follow should they think something is not authentic which means you can buy with peace of mind.

Now that it’s even easier to shop online with this new mega e-commerce shopping access, it’s likely that actual storefronts will start a more rapid decline. The death of the mall is nigh so click on in to Lazada and check out the shopping of the future!

Well if your still not comfortable surfing the mega site, continue browsing awesome Aliexpress reviews and continue to have FREE SHIPPING from the Chinese suppliers today!