Does Weave come from Horses?

hair weave from horses?

Hair weaves have become extremely popular because it is an easy way of getting long lengths of hair without having to wait for it to grow naturally. In the recent years, the demand for hair weaves has risen. However, not much is known about the weave that goes on your head. Although Chris Rock’s documentary answered a lot of questions, but there still remains several questions that are unanswered. Have you ever wondered what the weave in your head is made of?

It is not very easy to distinguish the origins of the extensions that go on your hair. There are many manufacturers who mislabel the packaging of the hair weaves to showcase that they are of superior quality. But, most often, the hair that you think comes from a very trustworthy source could be made of cheap material.

There have been several speculations and theories about their origin. One of the most common things that are heard is that the weaves come from horses, that is, horse hair is used to make the mane that you so lovingly style and pat.

But, is it really true?

There are several varieties of weaves available in the market. Some are worth a fortune, while there are others that you can get for as less as USD 20. So, how are the different prices set for all the varieties of weaves available in the market?

The most common base for setting the prices of the weaves is the material that goes into making it.

One of the materials used to make weaves is real human hair. This is not very surprising. A lot of the pricey weaves that are available in the market come from hair taken from real humans.  It is one of the biggest sources of making weaves. Most of the hair comes from China and India. Chinese Hair weaves are not made using hair that is donated, which means, that the final product is not very expensive. In order to get more money, Chinese manufacturers often mislabel their weaves as Brazilian, Indian, or Russian, so as to get more money from the hair market. The entire process of making weaves from hair take days. The end result is an expensive weave that is adored all around the world.

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However, not everyone can afford thousands of dollars of weaves. There are also cheaper alternatives available in the market, which makes weaves desirable and affordable for all. However, weaves from human hair do not come at cheap rates. So, how are some weaves in the market so cheap?

The answer to this is that they are either made using synthetic materials in the factory such as Silk or Silicone, or they are made using horsehair.

Hair weaves are made in factories to provide a cheaper alternative to people who love using extensions but cannot afford the pricey ones. These synthetic weaves are made using materials such as silk and silicone. They are manufactured in such a way that they resemble human hair and are also easy to style and blend.

While the synthetic weaves are not hard to digest, it is quite unnerving to know that the weave you are putting on your head is made from the hair that comes from a horse’s mane or tail hair. This theory might actually be true. In the earlier times, horse hair had several uses. In the eighteenth century, horse hair was used to make wigs. There are some shady retailers in the market who sell horse hair weaves at very cheap rates. This explains why the USD 80 weave you lovingly bought is so hard to curl and style.

However, the exact origins of the hair weaves you see in the market can never be truly known. There is no sure shot way of knowing whether the weave you are buying comes from humans, factory, or a horse.

Weave come from Horses?

Several speculations can be made; there are many theories, but at the end of the day, the decision to buy the weaves rest upon you. There are several factors that play a huge role in your decision – price, style, thickness, texture. There are so many different parameters that set apart one hair type with the other.

Whether the weaves you see at the market come from humans, factories, or are simply made using the hair on a horse’s head or tail, it is finally you who decide that a particular type is perfect for you, or that is suits you completely.

However, if you are very particular, it is a good idea to take note of even the smallest things. The textures and thickness of the weaves are two of the things that you must take particular note of. Also, another thing that you must know is that oftentimes, manufacturers simply use fallen hair (hair from salon or from hairbrushes) to make the weaves. If you happen to find weaves that smell of acid or silicone, you might actually be holding weaves made from fallen hair.