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    Sometime in the early and mid-’90s, teens with heavy and dark eye makeup paraded themselves, belting out ‘emo’ songs. Their look was a fad that was popular during those times. Another ‘dark eye’ look that exists for a very long time is not as popular as that of the 90’s era. This one makes people appear haggard and old. Unlike dark eye makeup that can be erased before one can go to sleep, the other one stays for days—even years—and is most often caused by a lack of proper sleep. We are talking about those shadowy dark rings underneath your lower eyelid skin.

    Having dark eye circles is a usual complaint among adults. No matter what you do, you cannot rub and wash them off from your skin as you would do with makeup.

    But what to do, you ask, especially when people have been giving unsolicited comments on how exhausted you look even though you have been getting more sleep to feel more alive and awake as ever?

    Well, first of all, do not go wasting your time (and money!) in trying recommendations for cheap home remedies because, let us be honest, they barely work effectively. Second, read this post as an expert in getting rid of dark eye circles has the answers to your tiring problem.

    Dr Isaac Wong (formerly known as Dr Israr Wong) is an aesthetic doctor that specialises in full-face rejuvenation and non-surgical facelifting. He has clients that come to him for different kinds of aesthetic procedures. In this article, he discusses about dark eye circle treatments in Singapore.

    Causes of Dark Eye Circles

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    Dark eye circles is caused by different reasons: the formation of tear troughs, the pooling of blood in the blood vessels beneath the skin of your under eyelid due to allergies or sinus congestion, genetics, and even unhealthy vices like smoking. It is important that we first know that is the exact cause of your dark eye circles for us to determine the right treatment that can be applied and successful results are achieved.

    Tear Troughs develop underneath a person’s lower eyelid as the skin loses its volume and becomes hollow or sunken. Ageing is the usual suspect for this occurrence. Dark eye circles appear as the skin becomes depressed.

    Constricted blood vessels happen when a pool of blood begins to clog underneath the thin layer of skin under your eyes and results in hyperpigmentation. Allergies and sinus congestion can be a reason for this, as well as poor sleeping habits.

    Genetics can likewise cause dark eye circles. You can say “Thanks, but no thanks” to your ancestors for this unfortunate gene that can be passed on through generations.

    Smoking is toxic to the body and I am not making this up. I am pretty sure this is a global fact that tobacco companies admit themselves. When the toxins from smoking cigarettes invade the body, they damage the delicate tissues around the eyes resulting in dark under-eye circles.

    Treatments for dark eye circles

    Dermal filler injection for dark eye circles

    By now you may have an idea on what factor/s that is currently contributing to the existence of your shadowy under eyes. What treatment should you be getting to remove them? Here are some of my recommendations:

    1. Dermal fillers – Fillers are best for tear troughs. The procedure is done by injecting low viscosity fillers into the hollow portions beneath your under eyelids, filling the empty area up. As a result, the skin is pushed to level on the surface. The change in your under-eye look can be seen instantly. This treatment can prove to be a challenge for doctors who lack the necessary experience in performing the procedure. I recommend to look for doctors who have years of successful practice in doing this. You can always check a doctor’s work by asking for photos of their clients who have previously undergone this procedure.

    Dermal filler brands: Belotero Soft, Resylane, Vital Light, Teosyal Redensity

    Cost of dermal filler treatment in Singapore: Around $600 to $1,200 per syringe of dermal fillers.

    1. Monofilament threads infused with Vitamin C – This treatment is highly recommended for dark eye circles caused by constricted blood vessels. In this procedure, the threads are inserted into the skin beneath the eye in order to tighten and lift the flesh under your lower eyelid. The Vitamin C helps in lightening the dark eye circles and the skin improves further as the threads stimulate the generation of collagen.
    2. Quit smoking – If the only reason for the existence of your dark eye circles is smoking, then the right route for you to take is to, once and for all, toss that pack of cigarettes into the trash bin. By doing so, you will do your skin a huge favour and allow it to heal from all the beating brought by cigarette smoke.


    Dark eye circles can be eliminated successfully with the use of the right treatment and by treating your body well. Getting enough rest and avoiding toxic habits are ways to prevent this from happening (unless yours is genetic), so be sure to keep a healthy lifestyle, especially after you have spent money on an effective treatment!


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