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Writing the City’s Top Tips on 938LIVE!

In this audio series, we focus on writing inspired by city life and how you can take your passion for writing one step further. Click on the links to listen to each clip, or tune in to 938LIVE! on Saturdays and Sundays.

In a three part segment, UK novellist Julia Bell talks about how to create captivating characters in your writing : Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Experimentation and self-awareness can help you write better. Writer, editor and poet Desmond Kon shares more : Part One

Poet and Editor Alvin Pang shares his writing tips in two parts, that all aspiring writers should take a listen to : Part One, Part Two

Steal stories, speak odd English, invent and abuse the lexicon says poet, playwright and jack-of-all-genres Ng Yi-Sheng : Part One

Jeremy Sheldon & Suchen Christine Lim share essential writing tips on how to write the city : Part One

Award-winning UK Screenwriter Tessa Sheridan says get rid of those twirling moustaches! : Part One

Fiction writer Darren Shiau gives tips on how to sequence your narrative and develop your plot : Part One

In the last edition, we talked about creating great characters by observation, but that can only get you so far. Find out what more you can do to create captivating characters in your writing in this edition of Writing the City.