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The Island is You By wanphing in Competitions, Island of Dreams

Sham received a text from Junnie to take down his instagram photo, an instax polaroid of the both of them that he had styled on the dashboard of his 1966 Volkswagen Beetle. She had sounded stern and firm, angry perhaps, but it didn’t matter. Sham loved making her angry –    …

October 23, 2015

Voice By iggykoh in Competitions, Island of Dreams This is a little piece on unrequited love and I think that it's always a fear of everyone's that eats at us.
November 7, 2015

My Island Of Dreams By alhafizsanusi in Competitions, Genre, Island of Dreams, Poetry As Singaporeans, we have aspirations that we want to achieve living here in Singapore. But what about those emigrating here for work, in our Singapore, often dubbed as the Island Of Dreams?
December 23, 2015

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Untitled By sanjaystreet82 in Others

In their hearts they were playing game of the king & queen They had turned wheel of time that sent them in their teen A rainbow rose from droplet on her lips of sweat And from that bow seven arrows hit on his heart His frozen existence melts by warmth    …

April 25, 2016

Cousins By wanphing in Competitions, Savour this

“You know, shark’s fin is out of trend now,” Amy said, slurping her soup. Her lipstick left a mark on the porcelain spoon. “Oh yea?” “This is fish maw and abalone.” “Right.” He played with the bits in his clear soup, then sipped on his glass of red wine instead.    …

April 20, 2016

Food is the way to a man’s head By Joycejings in Competitions, Fiction, Savour this There are more uses for durian than for eating
April 20, 2016

The 24-Hour Prata Shop By alhafizsanusi in Competitions, Others, Poetry Poem entry for 'Savour This' Competition.
April 17, 2016

That Girl, Smiling By Voltaire in Genre, Poetry It is perhaps the ephemeral quality of happiness that makes it that much more dear to us.
April 10, 2016

Shakespeare lives By Dannathein in Shakespeare lives ... in Singapore Vignettes from LM's point of view.
April 8, 2016

The Fifteenth Day of the Third Month (San Yue Shi Wu) By CXR in Competitions, Shakespeare lives ... in Singapore

There’s a secret conspiracy against Joo. Naturally, everyone knows about it. The rumours begin when his team recaptures Aljunied, the whispers low and chilling against the cheers of ‘Next PM! Next PM!’. He’s the bookies’ frontrunner to be Prime Minister. The other ministers are going to want to get him.    …

April 6, 2016

On The Edge By sorfina in Competitions, Shakespeare lives ... in Singapore

Her toes curled as half of her feet stood over the edge of the bridge. In the count of ten she would plummet into the still Singapore River. He was 28 and she was 19. The age disparity was the cause of conflict. It was the reason for the quarrels    …

April 6, 2016

The Fight. By isha in Shakespeare lives ... in Singapore An attempt to do a remake of Othello in a local setting.
April 5, 2016

Her Tragedy By Edward Kwa in Competitions, Shakespeare lives ... in Singapore Depression caused by financial woes was inflicted on many families in Singapore in 2008. That depression has generally adversely affected all the members of those families in many ways. Notably, not much is written on how that depression has adversely affected the members of those families who have yet to enter the workforce. Therefore, this piece seeks to paint a picture of such an affect, which involves a schooling Singaporean girl in Singapore. Overall, the plot of that picture fits the ideational features of the tragedy theme that is created by Shakespeare. Hence, this piece is simply titled "Her Tragedy".
April 4, 2016