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The Island is You By wanphing in Competitions, Island of Dreams

Sham received a text from Junnie to take down his instagram photo, an instax polaroid of the both of them that he had styled on the dashboard of his 1966 Volkswagen Beetle. She had sounded stern and firm, angry perhaps, but it didn’t matter. Sham loved making her angry –    …

October 23, 2015

Voice By iggykoh in Competitions, Island of Dreams This is a little piece on unrequited love and I think that it's always a fear of everyone's that eats at us.
November 7, 2015

My Island Of Dreams By alhafizsanusi in Competitions, Genre, Island of Dreams, Poetry As Singaporeans, we have aspirations that we want to achieve living here in Singapore. But what about those emigrating here for work, in our Singapore, often dubbed as the Island Of Dreams?
December 23, 2015

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bravado By hazieskies in Fiction, Memory of the Past, Poetry an article i came across made me think about all the peoples' paths whom crossed mine; it brought each and everyone to their current spot in life
July 23, 2017

The Ice and the Kacang By SylK in Savour this

“You’d be the ice and I’d be the kacang!  We’re always be good friends”,  she said while offering me a wide smile and her share of ice kacang. I struggled to fight the tears back.  Never in my life had I thought someone would befriend me and treat me this    …

June 20, 2017

no more! By hazieskies in Fiction, Poetry people think it is easy to hurt people and then act like nothing has happened. life goes on for them, but they forget the feelings of the other party.
September 9, 2016

bleed By hazieskies in Poetry people tend to withhold the truth about their emotions, when they fear losing what they love.
August 17, 2016

summer solstice By hazieskies in Fiction, Others i came across two actual parallel rays of sunlight which shimmered as i got closer. i did wonder if it would lead me to another universe where things could just be different.
August 15, 2016

flowers By hazieskies in Fiction, Others an idea for a poem turned into a little story
August 11, 2016

because… By hazieskies in Fiction, Poetry unfinished as yet... but propelled to write
July 29, 2016

Double Kway Chap Chuckle By Xiang Yeow in Competitions, Poetry, Savour this

Bubble bubble, churn and chuckle, Kway chap better than apple crumble. Chopstick innards from a soy sauce piglet, neighbour to three ducky winglets. Pile on the belly skin of its mother, squishier than that of its grandmother. Add stick-feet which no longer paddle above a bowl of veggie pickles. And    …

July 2, 2016

The life and times of Tan ‘Jason’ hui wei By Admin in Savour this Entry by: rrenu253@hotmail.com
July 1, 2016

Assault By jayasp72 in Competitions, Poetry, Savour this My reactions to kway chap, a delicacy that should not be investigated as one must be prepared for the reality - a reality that has been masked by taste, history and common sense. :)
July 1, 2016