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Dear Stranger,
By Audrey JL Tan

About this piece

Did you not see me open my windows this morning? The soft yellow of the sun melting on my face.
How about the pink muffin I left on the dining table last week? Fake, pink, frigid, sweet… Does not taste good.
Did you like me coming down the street on my black Ducati in my latex cat woman suit?
How about the time my feet soaked in the Marina of a boating club? I kicked the water into a boil only because I thought of you. A storm in an oasis is, safe. Not wondrous but safe at least.
Did the sheen on my black leather jacket offend your animal rights sensitivities ? But what if I told you I felt vulnerable in my own skin and needed a second one?
Did you have to unwind your car window and take a deep breath? Or have you already chucked your phone absentmindedly onto the car seat?

Tell me stranger, did you not think that I was watching you watch me?

It’s okay. There’s no need for explanations. We’re on Instagram.

Yours sincerely,

June 5, 2016

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