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Simply Dinosaurian
By hazieskies

About this piece
Age dismisses your sense of self in the strangest of ways, on an ordinary day.

I feel like a dinosaur today
I don’t have earphones in my ear
I don’t have cool plastic bands on my wrists
My lips and brows are free of rings
I no longer own a school bag
School shoes are long ago worn and thrown out
My socks still reach my calves
I don’t have the latest smartphone
I don’t poke nor swipe my phone
Instead I flip and thumb
I excitedly take out my…

The smell of paper captivates
Even as words jump out and fascinate
I turn a page, a new world begins
I look around but only see
Electronic screens
Attention! they scream
Behold my technology!
I glance down at my book
Of old world romanticism and charm
I feel like a dinosaur today
Within the confines of my brain

September 15, 2011

5 Responses to “Simply Dinosaurian”

  1. It’s true. This is deeply cool: http://vimeo.com/15142335 but there is nothing quite like the smell of a book, the feel of its pages on your fingertips or the crack of its spine.

  2. i have to say the dinosaur in me still loves a regular bookstore & good old browsing of physical books. it’s a shame that everything’s going electronic… nothing will replace the smell of a brand new book, the rough texture of paper, the uncut edges of the pages (on certain prints) and a cracked spine broken with various lines.

  3. Absolutely. And I am a dinosaur every day of my life. Books Actually, is paradise. Like the bookshop in Nottinghill (the movie); surreal but nice. Am eternally in love with books.

  4. sadly, the birth of technology that improved our lives in so many different ways, has brought the humble bookstore to its knees. the Notting Hill Bookstore looks set to sail into the sunset too..
    check this report out: http://www.todaysthv.com/news/article/170796/70/Saving-the-Notting-Hill-bookstore

  5. That is a shame. Thanks so much for your link, Hazieskies :)

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