Writing the City

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Be inspired. Watch the Writing the City films with Suchen Christine Lim and Jeremy Sheldon for great ways to start ‘writing the city’ yourself. Browse top tips from our acclaimed Writers’ Panel and enjoy interviews and articles on all manner of writing-related issues.

Writing the City 001 – The Writer’s Eye

This film focuses on the reasons writers choose to include details in their writing and the way this can help convey a sense of place or a character’s feelings.

Writing the City 002 – Characters

This film focuses on how essential characters are to a story, how characters are created and the way stories can hinge on the contradiction between characters’ inner and outer worlds.

Writing the City 003 – Encounters

This film focuses on the way a character’s internal feelings will at some point interact or come into conflict with those of another character’s. These encounters reveal important truths and help a story move along – in other words, plot often relies on characters interacting with each other.

Writing the City 004 – Memory of the Past

This film focuses on the role of fiction in preserving and representing the past, especially from the subjective point of view of an individual’s perspective.

Writing the City 005 – The Magical

This film focuses on the supernatural in fiction. It is asserted that belief in the supernatural is commonplace in Asian cultures, but also that acceptance of the supernatural in fiction might be universal.

Writing the City 006 – The Individual and the City

This film focuses on inspirations for writing and what we can lend on from our own life experiences.

Episode Seven: Looking Forward

In this film, which serves as a postscript to the series, Jeremy and Suchen summarise important writing tips and ideas for the future…

If you are a teacher of creative writing, you may wish to show the video and use the specific lesson plan which can be downloaded here.

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