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The Turquoise Room By Ryn Ng in Discuss, Fiction, Island of Dreams, Savour this, Singapore Noir First stab at a short piece. Vividness and clarity rings through the absurdity. To borrow the words of Owl City, I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep.
May 16, 2016

Spell Not So Easily Broken By music in Fiction, Island of Dreams Sarah takes a stroll on the west coast park connector, which brings together more than merely two districts...
January 3, 2016

Island of Dreams By Dhanraj in Island of Dreams

Oh was he going to do it? Finally. Yes, Yes, YES, HE WAS! The wind jostled against her as she was propelled into the air. Free at last. A week in there had been torturous enough. Free from those putrid teeth glazed in layers of decayed food, vinegar chilli, rice    …

January 2, 2016

Snow, Lethe Diana and I By Dreamer78 in Island of Dreams A story dedicated to those who are pursuing their dreams.
January 1, 2016

I saw the dreams By Cefrlyne in Island of Dreams, Poetry

On the flowing stream from Merlion, I saw the steady flow of ideas and inspirations; They will be the foundation, Supporting all the possible future creations. On the mesmerizing view of ever-present gardens, I saw the blossoming skills and talents; They will be the elements, Making up the compound for    …

December 31, 2015

Mama By redcrabs26 in Competitions, Island of Dreams This piece is an (almost) authentic recount of what happened to me where a Parent-Teacher Meeting preluded to the PSLE examinations we are all so familiar with. Looking back, I decided to showcase this particular poem to shed some light about how my mother responded to my teacher's replies then. This poem is linked to the SWF's theme, Island of Dreams, as I felt that my mother's actions then really changed my perspective of her and she really became a mother that only other people could dream of having! With that, she changed my island into one where dreams become realities!
December 31, 2015

Dingy Dreams By Wally in Competitions, Island of Dreams Written with a deliberate vagueness about the main focal point for each paragraph. Each paragraph can be interpreted in different ways, be it in the view of an individual's dreams or in the view of Singapore's dreams as a whole. Enjoy :)
December 30, 2015

the other son By escapist in Competitions, Island of Dreams

“Marie!” Mengtian shouts as he separates himself from the other students to run over. She doesn’t even manage to warn Mengtian about his undone shoelace before he trips, sending his schoolbag flying. “How many times I tell you – !” But when she catches up to him he is already    …

December 30, 2015

Train rides are synonymous with dreaming By quillinkparchment in Island of Dreams

In the morning an onslaught of half-awake zombies stagger towards the train station, you included. The previous train has just departed, and you hurriedly make your way to the doors on the platform so that you would be the first to get in the next one. When it finally arrives and    …

December 30, 2015

Untitled By Marie in Competitions, Island of Dreams I am Mary Magdeline Pereira, I have written this because I believe that my late father had a dream for himself and his family. The dream continued through the way my late mother encouraged me. I became their in reality.
December 30, 2015